Telehealth Services

Stuck at home with an achy knee, shin splints, or a painful foot because you are trying to stay active and run during this crisis?  Worried you can’t get help?


We understand your aches, pains, and health problems don’t go away even if you’re unable to get out of your home.



Want to learn more about Telehealth therapy?


Text Telehealth to (203) 376-6514 or take this quiz below:





How Does Telehealth Work?


Telehealth Physical Therapy is very similar to in-person visits.  Here’s how:


  • We ask you questions.
  • We complete an exam.
  • We tell you what’s going on so you know why you’re having a problem.
  • We give you options on how to solve the problem.
  • Then, we instruct you in how to solve the problem from your own home and get you back to living without aches and pains so you can remain active doing all the things you want to do.



Reasons Our Telehealth Option Is So Popular:


For those stuck at home (whether because of the Coronavirus or for other reasons…it doesn’t matter!)

For those who don’t have an easy way to get to the clinic.

For the people living outside the greater New Haven, CT area who feel like it’s just a bit too far to drive.

For the people who can’t arrange for childcare in order to have an appointment.

For anyone who is just more comfortable having their health taken care of in the comfort of their home!


Here Are Some Questions People Frequently Have About Telehealth:


How does Telehealth services work when the Physical Therapist can’t touch where it hurts?  We are listening to how you describe your pain from the beginning of the session as well as where you point to your pain when you touch it.




How is a virtual visit different than in person?  Not really!  Besides not being able to physically touch different parts of your body, we will still listen to you and have you show us where it hurts.  Then we watch you move and show you the specific exercises that we would do in the clinic.


How does Telehealth Therapy help with knee pain? We watch you walk, run, squat, and stand on one leg in order to determine the root cause of your knee pain and develop a plan to fix it.


How does Telehealth Therapy help with foot pain? We listen to your story, we see how you move, we provide you with a customized home self-treatment program, including the specific exercises for you to do on your own with video instructions.


How does Telehealth Therapy help with back pain? We observe your positions and postures that you are doing in your house (especially if you are using a computer at home) and teach you how to bend, lift, and move properly in order to get rid of those aches and pains.


I don’t have any workout equipment at home.  Can I still use Telehealth services? Absolutely!  We will get you going on a specific program based upon what you have in your house.


What technology do I need to know how to use for Telehealth?  As long as you have taken a video before you are good!  All you need is a device (phone, iPad, computer) that has a camera and I will be happy to walk you through it if you have any questions or worries.


Will I be recorded? That is 100% your choice.  You will not be recorded unless you ask to be recorded so you can go back and watch our session again.





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