Healthy Runner Coaching

Do you want to run strong and feel good?  Are you getting overwhelmed juggling everything in your life and trying to run the right way?


Do you want to learn the right exercises so you can feel stronger during your runs ?


Do you want to learn the specific running workouts you should be doing to get faster as a runner?



Would you like all of this in a structured plan that is tailored to your busy schedule to take the guesswork out of what you should do so you don’t have to waste time searching google and YouTube?



Struggling with injuries but you are afraid to go to your doctor or PT because they will just tell you to stop running?  Are you worried it will get worse and you might cause some real damage?


If you answered yes to any of these questions…let’s chat to see if you are a good fit for our SPARK BACK high touch point coaching program!


Who is the SPARK Back coaching program for?


This is for you if you a who has had enough trying to run though injuries and being told…


“Your pain is not that bad, just stop running and then your pain will go away”…


“Maybe you are just not meant to be a runner”


“Do you really think you should be running a half marathon?”


If you are struggling with the same old knee pain or foot pain and really want to run a half marathon or marathon without having to be told to stop running…Let’s guide you back to crushing that race so you can officially SPARK back into running shape.


In this program I will be your PT, run coach, and your accountability partner collapsing time for you and providing you the strategies that it took me 18 years to learn through my personal running journey and helping runners just like you throughout my 18 year career as a running physical therapist and coach.



If you’re ready to do this (or let’s be real, not sure you are ready to commit to solving this problem), I want to help YOU!


Learn how Rachel got stronger and faster running a half marathon personal best!



Lisa went from fitness instructor to runner even though she had stubborn achilles pain for months when she started running.  Listen to her story on how she overcame this common injury without having to stop running!



Learn how Tim overcame his high hamstring tendon pain to get back on track running fast for his Boston marathon…



How Theresa was able to Overcome Arthritis and Get Rid of Her Knee Pain to Run Again!




Learn how Kaytlin was finally able to not feel injured anymore and get back up to running 14 mile long runs again!




Ready to invest in your health and not feel injury prone so you can run and feel good again?


Let’s jump on a strategy call with me (Dr. Duane Scotti) as your running coach and physical therapist to see if you are a good fit for how I help runners crush their running goals and become life long injury free runners!



Grab your slot on my calendar here:



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“I struggled to get back into running after being diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my left knee. A friend of mine suggested I check out the Healthy Runner podcast and I’m glad I did! I was lucky to grab a spot in the Healthy Runner Coaching Program and I have gained so much from miles away. I’ve gained tools to be a lifelong runner through the run and strength plan. I’m constantly gaining more mobility and look forward to my future of running. Duane is a great coach that gives you personalized assistance and helps you understand any questions you have! I’m definitely getting my spark back!”


Theresa L.

Theresa L.

Working with Duane has been a game-changer for my running. I’ve been in an endless cycle of injuries for the past five years and needed to make a change.

I connected with Duane through his Healthy Runner Facebook group, and then we began our virtual physical therapy visits. Virtual sessions work great for me because I’m constantly traveling and can access care wherever I reside. Even though I’m not in the clinic, I still receive the same quality of experience!

The best part is Duane is a physical therapist, runner, and coach, so he understands how important running is for our physical, mental, and emotional well-being! If you want to become a stronger, healthier, and faster runner, look no further!

Jenn H.

In April, I was diagnosed with proximal hamstring tendinopathy, or PHT. If you haven’t heard of it or experienced it, let me tell you…it’s a real pain in the BUTT! Not only did it derail my training (I’m a runner/cyclist), simply sitting for more than 10 minutes at a time was unbearable. There’s very little research out there on this injury and finding credible information on how to effectively treat was difficult. The initial advice I got from my ortho was to stop running, rest, and stretch. This did absolutely nothing to improve my symptoms or help me get back to running. In fact, stretching made it worse! I also tried massage, dry needling, shockwave therapy…nada. In September, I stumbled on a podcast with Duane where he spoke in depth about his own experience with PHT and how he beat it, and how he helped others overcome this stubborn injury. I was also intrigued by his philosophy of not having to give up the sport you love while recovering from injury. I contacted Duane for a consult and have been working with him on a customized, structured program focused on progressive loading of the hamstring tendon and supporting muscles WITHOUT giving up running! Gradually, my pain began to lessen and my strength has continued to increase. I am now running four days a week and am closer than at any point in the past 8 months to putting this injury in the rearview mirror for good. I’m looking forward to getting back to structured training and racing again in 2021…an unimaginable goal two months ago. Duane is awesome! His techniques and approach to injury rehab and prevention work. If you’re an athlete who has struggled with injuries that constantly disrupt your training, Duane is your guy!

Tim U.

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