Running Injuries | 3 Reasons To Not Stop Running

Hello, Healthy Runners!


Have you been injured and thought to yourself…I should just stop running? As an injured runner you may have been told to stop running and rest in order to get rid of your pain.


Well meaning doctors are just trying to make you feel better and get rid of your running injury.  However, this could be a recipe for preventing you from getting back to the sport you love!


In this blog, I will break down 3 reasons to not stop running when you have a running injury.





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Let’s get into the three reasons you should not stop running when you have an injury!


1. You’ll lose your running fitness


When you stop running due to an injury, you start to lose the fitness that you’ve built up through training. Think about how you feel when you go a few days without running. Maybe you’re too busy, maybe you’re just not feeling up to your run… when you get back out to the pavement, you feel a little weaker, a little less able to get through that run. If you have an injury and your doctor tells you to stop running for 4 to 6 weeks, you’ll really feel the difference in your running capacity when you get back to running. Through your training you’ve built the ability to endure the effects on running on the body. You can continue to run through an injury, but perhaps modify your training for that week so that you don’t lose this fitness.


2. You’ll get weaker


When you rest due to an injury, you stop engaging your muscles, right? This means that your muscles are starting to atrophy and breakdown. By consistently training as a runner, you build up muscle strength, muscle tone and the ability to make it through your runs without compensations due to weak musculature. Taking time off from running for a few weeks will cause these strong muscles to weaken. You’ll lose the running fitness previously mentioned more quickly than you’ll lose muscle strength, but it only takes about 3 weeks of inactivity for muscles to begin to atrophy.


3. You’ll get stiffer


Let’s give an example with this one. Think about being in a stabilizing boot. This prevents any range of motion from happening at the ankle and forces the hips to compensate due to the added height on one side. When you finally get out of that stabilizing boot, your ankle range of motion is going to be significantly decreased, your hips may feel tighter, as well as your hamstrings. When you train consistently, you’re making sure that you’re stretching and through your running, you’re establishing good range of motion. Stopping this due to inactivity will cause muscles to tighten and your range of motion will decrease.


With the right guidance and instruction from a healthcare provider, you can continue to stay active through an injury. Obviously there are some injuries that you just cannot continue to train through – and that’s OKAY! We want to make sure we are staying healthy and smart above all else. However, certain injuries are simply set backs that we can work through to stay active, doing what we love!


If you are still worried that you may do more damage continuing to run with an injury, click this previously published blog article https://sparkyourtraining.com/should-i-stop-running-if-i-have-an-injury/ to learn about the 4 serious running injuries to never push through that will require you to stop running. 


You can also listen to Dr. Scotti share this information on the Healthy Runner Podcast…available wherever you get your podcasts!




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Thank you (running friends) for taking the time to read and I hope you enjoy the podcast episode!

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– Duane


Duane Scotti, PT, DPT, PhD, OCS



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Working with Duane has been a game-changer for my running. I’ve been in an endless cycle of injuries for the past five years and needed to make a change.

I connected with Duane through his Healthy Runner Facebook group, and then we began our virtual physical therapy visits. Virtual sessions work great for me because I’m constantly traveling and can access care wherever I reside. Even though I’m not in the clinic, I still receive the same quality of experience!

The best part is Duane is a physical therapist, runner, and coach, so he understands how important running is for our physical, mental, and emotional well-being! If you want to become a stronger, healthier, and faster runner, look no further!

Jenn H.

In April, I was diagnosed with proximal hamstring tendinopathy, or PHT. If you haven’t heard of it or experienced it, let me tell you…it’s a real pain in the BUTT! Not only did it derail my training (I’m a runner/cyclist), simply sitting for more than 10 minutes at a time was unbearable. There’s very little research out there on this injury and finding credible information on how to effectively treat was difficult. The initial advice I got from my ortho was to stop running, rest, and stretch. This did absolutely nothing to improve my symptoms or help me get back to running. In fact, stretching made it worse! I also tried massage, dry needling, shockwave therapy…nada. In September, I stumbled on a podcast with Duane where he spoke in depth about his own experience with PHT and how he beat it, and how he helped others overcome this stubborn injury. I was also intrigued by his philosophy of not having to give up the sport you love while recovering from injury. I contacted Duane for a consult and have been working with him since October. After assessing and reaffirming my diagnosis, he put together a customized, structured rehab program focused on progressive loading of the hamstring tendon and supporting muscles WITHOUT giving up running! Gradually, my pain began to lessen and my strength has continued to increase. I am now running four days a week and am closer than at any point in the past 8 months to putting this injury in the rearview mirror for good. I’m looking forward to getting back to structured training and racing again in 2021…an unimaginable goal two months ago. Duane is awesome! His techniques and approach to injury rehab and prevention work. If you’re an athlete who has struggled with injuries that constantly disrupt your training, Duane is your guy!

Tim U.

“I developed IT band syndrome during my first marathon training cycle last year and ended up in physical therapy for about 3 months. I was told not to run if I had any pain at all. I lost so much time “recovering” that I ended up deferring my registration to the next year. I spent the next summer training for the same marathon when about 6 weeks out, that familiar IT band pain returned. I could barely finish a mile. I didn’t want to go back to my physical therapist because I knew what he was going to tell me. Stop running. I was so frustrated and started to feel like marathons weren’t for me. I stumbled upon the healthy runner podcast and learned that I don’t have to stop running in order to recover from injury! I was skeptical about an online physical therapy session. But I reached out to Dr. Scotti and he was able to give me the tools to mitigate my pain within the first session! I was able to complete my training cycle and made it to the finish line of my first marathon with his help! I highly recommend!”

Kendyl R.

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