How To Prepare For a Half Marathon with Coach Duane Scotti

Do you have a half marathon coming up? Are you wondering how you should be prepared for a race? Are you feeling confident to perform at your best? 


This episode is for you!!! This week we are talking all things Half Marathon Race prep. It is spring and it is 100% Half Marathon Season! It’s exciting to know that live races are coming back and we need to get our bodies and minds ready to get out there!




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In this episode, Coach Scotti discusses : 

  • How should I prepare for a half marathon the week before? 
  • What should I do the night before a half marathon? 
  • What should I do the morning of a half marathon?


Let’s talk about what you should do to prepare for your half marathon!!


How Should I Prepare For a Half Marathon the WEEK before?


You’re one week away from your half marathon and you’re thinking, “Am I doing everything right to be ready for next week?”


Let’s talk about what your runs will look like with one week until your race. You want to be consistent, but you want to be smart. Your longest run with one week to go should be about 6 to 8 miles. Remember, your body needs time to recovery, so banging out 12 or 13 miles the week before your half, won’t be setting you up for success for the actual race!


After your 6 to 8 mile long run, you can continue training throughout the week leading up to your half with smaller runs – around 30 to 60 minutes every other day.

For the last couple days leading up to the race, try to get off of your feet as much as possible. Don’t do anything too intensive or exhausting. You want your body to feel well rested and prepared to take on the course.


Filling your body with good nutrients starts the week before your race too! You want to make sure that you’re hydrating every day the week before the race! Be sure that you’re drink water and electrolyte beverages and avoiding anything too salty or too high in fiber.


You should be eating small meals every 2-3 hours, but after lunch, cut out red meat, fried foods, dairy products, fats, nuts, and roughage. You should only be consuming light, digestible foods like energy bars, bread, and small sandwiches!


How Should I Prepare For a Half Marathon the NIGHT before?


First and Foremost… Don’t do anything different!!!! You’ve been planning for this for a long time and training a certain way, with certain foods, and certain exercises and liquids. Don’t go changing anything up the night before! Keep consistent!


The meal for the night before the race should be something that works for you! In the podcast you’ll hear me talk about my experience with different foods and how some things that work for other runners, doesn’t necessarily work for me! For example, some people can eat pizza the night before their race and feel great the next day! Not so much for me! A filling, nutrient filled meal is important but make sure it’s something you can digest and not feel bloated from the next day! Continue drinking water and staying hydrated.


You should lay out your clothes the night before! Why be running around the next morning stressed about which socks you’re going to wear, and which shorts match best with the top you’ve decided on wearing? Lay everything out the night before and make sure you have everything you need ready to go! Headphones? Check. Hydration Belt? Check. Gels or chews? Check. Make sure you have everything you need so you’re not running around panicked the morning of!


Make sure you get a good nights sleep too!


How Should I Prepare For a Half Marathon the MORNING OF?


Be chill. Be calm. You’ve been training for this and you’re READY!


After you wake up, you want to make sure you’re drinking 4 to 6 ounces of water every half hour. Be done drinking your water at least half and hour before race time (for me I stop the hour before).


Make sure you get a good breakfast in at least 1.5 to 2 hours before the race. Nothing too heavy or that will cause you any GI issues.


You want to leave your home with enough time to get to the race that you’re calm and you have time to do a GOOD warm up! Your body needs to be primed and ready to go so that you aren’t jumping in cold. Sometimes you run late and have to race to starting line (listen to the podcast for that story of mine 😉

You want to start your warm up with 45 minutes until race time. Do a dynamic, full body warm up like our favorite SPARK 5 minute warm up which you can check out below…. Once you’re all warmed up and ready to go, relax, socialize with your running friends, get into your running mindset, line up to start and you’re off!



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Thank you (running friends) for taking the time to read and I hope you enjoy the podcast episode!


Warmest regards,


– Duane


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“I developed IT band syndrome during my first marathon training cycle last year and ended up in physical therapy for about 3 months. I was told not to run if I had any pain at all. I lost so much time “recovering” that I ended up deferring my registration to the next year. I spent the next summer training for the same marathon when about 6 weeks out, that familiar IT band pain returned. I could barely finish a mile. I didn’t want to go back to my physical therapist because I knew what he was going to tell me. Stop running. I was so frustrated and started to feel like marathons weren’t for me. I stumbled upon the healthy runner podcast and learned that I don’t have to stop running in order to recover from injury! I was skeptical about an online physical therapy session. But I reached out to Dr. Scotti and he was able to give me the tools to mitigate my pain within the first session! I was able to complete my training cycle and made it to the finish line of my first marathon with his help! I highly recommend!”

Kendyl R. (Runner)

“I’d been dealing with Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy (PHT) for about 4 years and had been doing PT, but still had lingering pains. I just figured I’d have to suck it up and deal with it because that was as good as I was going to get. But then, I came across a podcast of Duane being interviewed by Jason Fitzgerald on PHT and how he overcame the injury, and my curiosity was piqued. I met with him virtually and he has been a GODSEND! I’m able to sit as I type this! I can bend over and get in and out of cars without pain! And, I’m RUNNING again!!! It is amazing to be able to do things that I haven’t been able to do without pain since 2016!!! Thank you so much Duane for being an incredible PT!!”

Michelle D. (Runner)

“I suffered from IT band syndrome for four years before seeing Dr. Scotti in April 2020. Before then, I couldn’t run more than about 10 minutes without stabbing pain near my left knee. I’d seen various orthopedists, physical therapists, and chiropractors looking for some relief. My career needed me to run a mile and a half within a certain amount of time, and it was impossible to do so with the knee pain. I saw Dr. Scotti and he immediately got to work! That first visit, he helped me understand the anatomy and underlying cause of my knee pain (aka IT Band syndrome). Once I understood what was happening, the course of treatment made so much sense. Not only did he have online videos of all the recommended exercises to treat the problem, his “healthy runner” Facebook group, Podcast, and YouTube videos held a wealth of information and supplemented my plan. I soon understood that running wasn’t just a casual hobby – it’s a sport and one that deserves dedication and focus. Without his dedication to the sport and his community, I wouldn’t have realized this! Over the next few months, I had many ups and downs – victories and failures – and even some tears! Two steps forward and one step back. Dr. Scotti always checked in between appointments and tweaked my plan if needed. By August, I was regularly running 3-4 miles with barely any pain! If I did get pain, it was because my dedication and focus were lacking – and I quickly picked it back up and overcame. I’m so thankful I took another chance at having my knee looked at and trusted someone else. I run regularly now and am really enjoying it. I can’t thank Dr. Scotti enough and would highly recommend him to anyone having trouble.”

Tracy G. (Runner)

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