Team Healthy Runner Half Marathon Training

Whether this is your first attempt at the half marathon, or you are a seasoned veteran, this 8-week virtual and in person program will offer you training like you’ve never experienced before! Physical therapist and running coach, Dr. Duane Scotti will guide you in hitting your race goals without pain, rest, or becoming a frustrated runner. This unique program will provide you with structured guidance from cutting edge training principles from the training, prehab, rehab, and performance world! The end result will be a selfie of you at the virtual finish line after you met your race goal! Each week, Coach Duane will bring new concepts and techniques to make your race the best event possible for you. As you develop you will find the strength and endurance you gain from our training will prepare you for all of the elements that a fall virtual race brings. You’ll be able to stand on the virtual starting line with a whole new level of confidence in your ability to run faster than ever before without injuries along the way!

What you get by signing up:

  1. Each athlete will receive his/her own online training calendar on Final Surge platform. Set virtually, you can adapt the schedule based on YOUR needs each week. Coach Duane will provide you a concept based on your current ability, guide your training every week along the way. This will culminate in reaching your best performance on race day
  2. Weekly communication from Coach Duane focusing on different aspects specific to development in endurance running and the half marathon event.
  3. Weekly group motivational runs based on your level (novice, intermediate, advanced) will occur with Dr. Duane and our group run ambassador; coach LaToya Felton, every Sunday as we build up those long runs. These will occur on the Farmington Canal Trail in Cheshire.
  4. All athletes will have access to a private Facebook group in which Dr. Duane will provide you with the running specific exercises you will need to do to stay healthy during your training so you don’t miss a run! Duane and LaToya will also keep you motivated and have constant communication and answer all race related questions within our community every step of the way so you can confidently toe the line for your virtual half marathon!
  5. All athletes will have a new found level of confidence…even during a global pandemic!

Price: $99

Join the team!

Duane Scotti, PT, DPT, PhD, OCS

Duane is honored to be founding owner of SPARK Physical Therapy and has been a leader in the rehab and running community for over 17 years. He is a physical therapist, running coach, and host of the Healthy Runner podcast. Duane strongly believes living an active lifestyle can help you stay healthy and live a pain free life. At SPARK Physical Therapy, Duane guides his clients in achieving a high performance active lifestyle. You could be a runner who aspires to complete your first half marathon or you could be an experienced marathoner of 30 years. Duane has been the fitness and health support system and the go to resource for coaches, trainers and runners from all over the world. We have our clients’ best interest in mind and therefore to we strive to constantly put up new videos, podcast episodes, and blog posts to help our community stay healthy and perform at their highest capacity. Duane has successfully rehabbed and coached hundreds of runners back to PR’s over the years and has a passion for helping runners of all abilities to stay healthy and prevent injuries in order to get back to the workouts and runs you love!

Here’s how it works:

Registration ends August 15th

“I went to see Duane early into my marathon training with hamstring pain. At that time, I was barely able to run 3 miles and was in pain. After a thorough exam and analysis of my running, he was able to diagnose and start treatment that day. Duane provided me with exercises to strengthen my hamstring and surrounding running muscles, all while slowly building my mileage back up. He was honest with me about setting realistic goals for my race and helped me to meet those goals. With his help, I was able to run the New York City Marathon.”

Jolene G. (Runner)

“I first went to Duane prior to training for my first full marathon because I had some aches and pains from running that I wanted to sort out. Duane was able to diagnose the problems immediately and I went home pain free. The exercises he prescribed were personalized to my needs and within a few weeks, I felt stronger and pain free while running so I could get to healthy training! It’s great to have a physical therapist who understands athletes and encourages people to continue to stay active. I highly recommend Duane to any person who is looking to stay healthy while maintaining an active lifestyle!”

Katie R. (Runner)

SPARK Physical Therapy was instrumental in my recovery of from achilles tendinitis. I visited a podiatrist who said I would need surgery to shave down a bone spur and Haglund’s Deformity. The recovery would be at least 8 weeks and at the time I was 24 weeks from running the NYC Marathon. Duane evaluated me and said I needed to work on my calf muscle and flexibility. We started treatment with dry needling and specific exercises that I could do on my own. The pain subsided and even after some long runs everything was starting to feel better. I will tell you that I ran and finished the NYC Marathon without pain or issues from my achilles. Had I not met Duane about a week after my podiatrist appointment I would have needed to defer my marathon and probably would still be recovering from the surgery. I was able to run through my injury safely and achieve my goal. The refreshing thing about SPARK Physical Therapy is they do not push for ton of session. I met my running goals in 10 sessions spread out over 3-4 months. Big Thank you to Duane and I highly recommend seeing him for any running injury you may have!


Louis G.(Runner)