Coronavirus COVID-19 [Keep Running With Social Distancing]

What Can I Help You With During These Uncertain Times…?

Are you in need of some mental relief (like me) and are looking to get in some exercise during this time of social distancing?

Are you a runner who wants to stay healthy now more than ever for the benefits of your immune system while we try and prevent the spread of this virus 🦠?


Click the video below to hear the LIVE training I did on this topic within the Healthy Runner Facebook Group



What problems are you facing right now with COVID-19 all around and staying active and healthy?


Our SPARK Half Marathon Training Group Run Practicing Social Distancing. This picture would have been arm in arm the week before!


In this impromptu episode on the Healthy Runner Podcast we addressed LIVE questions that can help you during this time of uncertainty with social distancing.


A Few Questions That Were Asked On The Live Episode Within Our Healthy Runner Facebook Group:


✔️ If we are federally quarantined…can we still run outside?


✔️ If the target race is canceled or postponed, should we continue our training plan or hold off and pick up later?


✔️ Since the gym is closed and I can’t take spin or other classes…can I run more or is that asking for trouble?


✔️ I am transitioning from running on the treadmill to outside now and I am feeling it, is there something I can do to strengthen my leg muscles?


👇 Leave other questions in the comments in the Healthy Runner Facebook group and I will try my best to navigate these unchartered waters 🥺


If you haven’t listened to the podcast yet, you can find it on your favorite podcast player Apple Podcasts (iTunes), Stitcher, Spotify, Google Play


Stay active, stay healthy, and just keep running during these troubling times 👊


In best health,




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“I can’t thank Duane and his coaching team enough, especially coach Lu, for helping me fulfill my marathon dream!!!  I have participated in the Healthy Runner Coaching Program twice now and all the coaches were very supportive. Coach Lu would adjust the training plan to my schedule which made it easier for me to follow. Duane’s strength training helped me to get stronger so I can run faster without injury.  Coach Lu’s knowledge, tips, strategies and support not just helped me finish my first marathon but crushed my goal!  I recommend the Healthy Runner coaching program 100% if you want to take your running to the next level. Just be consistent and trust the process, you will crush your next race with this team!”


Annie W.

“I struggled to get back into running after being diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my left knee. A friend of mine suggested I check out the Healthy Runner podcast and I’m glad I did! I was lucky to grab a spot in the Healthy Runner Coaching Program and I have gained so much from miles away. I’ve gained tools to be a lifelong runner through the run and strength plan. I’m constantly gaining more mobility and look forward to my future of running. Duane is a great coach that gives you personalized assistance and helps you understand any questions you have! I’m definitely getting my spark back!”


Theresa L.

Working with Duane has been a game-changer for my running. I’ve been in an endless cycle of injuries for the past five years and needed to make a change.

I connected with Duane through his Healthy Runner Facebook group, and then we began our virtual physical therapy visits. Virtual sessions work great for me because I’m constantly traveling and can access care wherever I reside. Even though I’m not in the clinic, I still receive the same quality of experience!

The best part is Duane is a physical therapist, runner, and coach, so he understands how important running is for our physical, mental, and emotional well-being! If you want to become a stronger, healthier, and faster runner, look no further!

Jenn H.

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