Any BODY Can Run!



Don’t think you have what it takes to be a “runner”?  Think you are too big, slow, or just not fit enough to run?


Well, I have a special treat for you today with our guest India Cook who is just a ray of sunshine and positivity. 

India Cook is an avid Atlanta-based runner, YouTube vlogger, podcast host, RRCA

certified run coach, race announcer, and motivational speaker. India advocates for all

paces and body types in the space of road running and racing. She loves running but

also has a passion for encouraging and guiding runners and those who aspire to

become runners. India coaches independently through her company, Miles from India,

and coaches with a non-profit organization, A.R.C., Active Resolute Connected. This

organization empowers women through running and helps to break mental and

physical barriers. As of 2021, India also sits as a Board Member for Coaches of Color

Initiative (COCI), an organization whose mission is to provide meaningful opportunities

for people of color aspiring to successful careers as endurance coaches.


India started running in 2008 on the quest to lose weight and also engage in a healthy

social activity. India jumped into racing by signing up for her first race, The Peachtree

Road Race, which is the world’s largest 10k. In 2017, India ran her first marathon at the

Bank of American Chicago Marathon. Throughout training for her marathon, India

observed that many ladies wanted to know more about her journey to running 26.2

miles. Therefore, India developed a vlog to document her journey on FaceBook called

Miles From India. In 2018, as India documented her second marathon training journey,

she joined forces with a fellow running friend, Tommy Mitchell, and they started, The

Run Duo Podcast. On this bi-weekly podcast, the duo strives to connect with runners

and those involved in the community of running. They conduct interviews while

educating and entertaining their listeners by discussing their personal running updates,

running and racing current events, and much more. India wanted to continue to

broaden her reach to other runners in 2020; therefore, she launched a running vlog on

YouTube, Miles from India, which educates, inspires, and motivates runners by way of

race recaps, product reviews, “run with me” videos and tips and tricks. India’s vlog is

tailored to ensure that the content is digestible for all experience levels. To date, India

has completed three marathons, 15 half marathons, and countless 5ks and 10k’s.

India’s goal is to make the sport more diverse and less intimidating for her listeners and

viewers. She gives extra love to new runners and those that are “back of the pack

runners”. India continues to use her voice, experience, and connections to grow and

diversify the sport of running.


We chat about an all-important topic that any BODY can run as it relates to inclusion and diversity within our running community.  India is an advocate for all paces and all body types in the space of road running and racing.  She loves running but also has a passion for encouraging and guiding runners and those who aspire to become runners.



Listen to the Podcast Episode during your next run!


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In this episode,  

We talk about ways to make the sport more diverse and less intimidating as well as some other topics:

  • Why we should rethink the phrase “running is my therapy”
  • What is true inclusivity in running?
  • The Coaches of Color Initiative
  • Inspirational stories of those that grown into some amazing runners
  • How India overcome shin splints and IT band pain with physical therapy and run coaching


We even had some fun with a SPARK lightning round of questions and talked about India shared some great running bra tips for you ladies who struggle to find the right fit!  


Resource mentioned in this episode:


SPARK Blueprint: 5 Tips To Run Stronger & Healthier



Connect with India

Website: https://www.milesfromindia.com/


Instagram: https://instagram.com/i_of_endigo_runs/


YouTube: Miles from India- https://www.youtube.com/c/milesfromindia


Podcast: The Run Duo- https://linktr.ee/Therunduo


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